v0.2.2 of the arpwitch tool has been released.

Arpwitch is a a modern arpwatch replacement with JSON formatted outputs and easy options to exec commands when network changes are observed.

Included is a hard coded convenience --exec definition that invokes nmap when new network-addresses are observed which nicely demonstrates the usefulness of arpwitch.

Legacy versions based on year-date (eg v2018.2) have been hard-deprecated in favour of a backward incompatible standard version scheme (eg v0.2.0) and with this major revision change the CLI arguments are quite different to previous versions, however they are based on what-works-well in the field.

To get started, install arpwitch using pip and start firing off nmap for each new ip/hw address seen on your network

pip3 install arpwitch
sudo arpwitch --debug --nmap --datafile /tmp/arpwitch.dat | jq .


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